ACG Materials Donates to Fire Relief

Two separate wild fires ravaged huge areas on western Oklahoma One fire, called the 34 Complex fire, began on April 12 as three fires in Woodward and Harper counties subsequently burned together as a result of the high winds and low humidity. When firefighters finally brought the blaze under control, it left close to 65,000 acres burned in it’s wake. That is the equivalent of 100 square miles. A second, and much larger blaze called the Rhea fire, burned over 286,000 acres, the equivalent of 445 square miles.

As strong winds continued to push the fires toward dry grasses and brush, firefighters from across the country came to help. Fire crews and equipment from Georgia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Washington, California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana came to fight the blaze.

In addition to open range, grasslands, and forests, the fires also left dozens of homes, farm buildings, and vehicles as smoldering ash in it’s wake. As the fires roared through the farms and grazing lands, it also burned the wooden fence posts that ranchers use to anchor their fence lines and provide stability in long stretches of fence.

To help with the rebuilding efforts, ACG Materials manufactured and donated thousands of pounds of cement to be used in the rebuilding efforts. The cement was bagged and distributed through several local retailers in western Oklahoma, including Hedges Ag Service (Seiling, OK), County Line Supply (Vici, OK & Seiling, OK), and Mooreland Coop (Mooreland, OK)


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