Sucra-Min® Iron Sucrate 50% Now OMRI Certified

Sucra-Min Iron Sucrate 50% Fe receives OMRI certification.

Iron is an essential element for plant growth and development. Iron is a catalyst to chlorophyll formation and acts as an oxygen carrier. It also helps form certain respiratory enzyme systems.

Iron deficiency shows up as pale leaf color (chlorosis) with sharp distinction between green veins and yellow interveinal tissues.

In a nutshell, without iron a plant can’t produce chlorophyll, can’t get oxygen and won’t be green.

Iron Sucrate 50

Sucra-Min® Iron Sucrate 50 (50% Fe) is an iron sucrate micronutrient produced using a unique process that combines agronomically available iron with reducing sugars under controlled conditions to yield iron carboxylate (sucrate).

This proprietary prilling technology produces round uniform granules that are free-flowing and anti-caking.

Sucra-Min® Iron Sucrate 50 provides a soil dispersible source of iron that is biologically available at a relatively high nutrient concentration.

Product Details

Sucra-Min® Iron Sucrate 50 is a non-staining source of iron for the Lawn and Garden, Turf Management, Agricultural and Commercial Fertilizer industries.

Sucra-Min® Iron Sucrate 50 is effective over a wide range of pH soil conditions.

Sucra-Min® Iron Sucrate 50 is available in two particle sizes to accommodate all granular applications.

Standard Prilled Iron Sucrate (50% Fe) – 230 SGN
Mini Prilled Iron Sucrate (50% Fe) – 125 SGN

To download the OMRI certificate – CLICK HERE


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