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Key Component of Portland Cement

One of the original products that ACG Materials predecessor Harrison Gypsum mined and sold was gypsum rock for the production of portland cement.

Today, ACG Materials provides portland cement rock (“PC Rock”) to some of the largest cement producing companies in the world, including Lafarge Holcim, Martin Marietta, Lehigh Hanson and Ash Grove Cement, just to name a few.

This core component goes directly into the manufacturing process of producing over 13 million tons of cement in the central and south central regions of the US.

The states currently supplied by ACG Materials with PC rock include Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, California, Nevada, and Oregon.

Expanding Our Supply

ACG Materials mines the gypsum and anhydrite rock that is sold for portand cement production out of several locations in Oklahoma.

The acquisition of Art Wilson Company and its mining locations near Carson City, NV has expanded the sale of PC rock into several western states.

PC rock is added to the grinding process of clinker to produce Portland Cement, two of the primary benefits include:

  • Controlling the setting time of the cement
  • Strength enhancement

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