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Mission, Vision, and Values


We are a profit–oriented company that strives daily to provide gypsum, limestone, and stone solutions to meet our customer’s requirements and exceed their expectations. We recognize our employees and business partners’ vital contributions to our mission.

OUR VISION: What We Strive For

  • An environmentally safe and accident free workplace.

  • Provide solutions for our customers that exceed their service and quality expectations.

  • Supported by a trained staff committed to improving their individual skills.

  • Expanding aggregate positions and specialty processed mineral markets within North America.

  • Constantly improving product offerings and efficiencies.

OUR VALUES: What We Believe

  • To encourage, develop, and recognize the efforts of our employees.

  • To make a positive contribution to the communities in which we live and work.

  • To do it all with honesty, integrity, and commitment.

  • To make friends in the course of good business.