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DynaPlast® HS (High Strength)

DynaPlast® HS is a multi-purpose high strength alpha hemihydrate gypsum product manufactured from high purity naturally occurring white gypsum rock. It is commonly used in various industrial and construction based cementitious compounds, statuary and mold applications where strength and hardness are important.


Use Consistency – 26-28 cc/100g
Set Time – 18-25 minutes
Maximum Expansion (%) – 0.25%
-100 Mesh – 99.5-100%
Dry Compressive Strength – 10,000 psi


Plaster and water are always measured by weight. Using a plaster/water ration outside the recommended use consistency guidelines will impact the set-time, strength and density of the finished piece.

  • Sift plaster into water slowly and evenly.
  • Let soak for 1 minute. This allows the gypsum crystals to wet-out, displacing trapped air.
  • Mix for 3 minutes.

Support Documents

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for DynaPlast® HS

Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet for DynaPlast® HS

Product Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

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