Important Message About Industrial Plaster Products2018-11-29T13:55:55+00:00

Important Message About Industrial Plaster Products

ACG Materials has temporarily suspended regularly scheduled small batch manufacturing of some industrial plaster products.

The list of products includes:

  • Casting Plaster
  • Lab Dental Plaster – beta hemihydrate based
  • Type II Dental Plaster
  • Pottery Plaster 38- 48
  • DynaPlast® Base Alpha FS
  • DynaPlast® GRG XL
  • DynaPlast® HS
  • DynaPlast® HP
  • DynaPlast® TSRH
  • DynaPlast® TSRH – Buff
  • DynaPlast® T1
  • Stonemix

Please note that this is a TEMPORARY suspension of the production small quantities.

For large volume orders, please contact your ACG Materials sales representative for more information.

For more information or how to purchase: