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Ground Limestone Solutions

Ground Limestone is a key component in the manufacturing of glass, paint, roofing shingles, paper, iron and many other products.

GLASS – Ground Limestone is a key component in the manufacture of glass, in particular glass bottles.

PAINT – Ground Limestone is used as functional filler and pigment extender in a variety of coatings including decorative paints, industrial coatings, and road-marking paints.

ROOFING SHINGLES – Ground Limestone chippings are widely used a decorative, protective coating for asphalt shingles. The chippings provide a ‘loading’ weight to prevent the felt being lifted off by the wind as well as protection from the sun which would otherwise soften and degrade the felt.

PAPER – Fine grades of limestone are used extensively in paper manufacturing. Consistent particle sizing and color are essential. As an alkali material it reduces acidity of paper, improving the durability of printed material.

IRON – In iron and steel manufacture limestone is used to remove impurities from the molten iron in the blast furnace.

Limestone products available

Fine Ground Limestone
Our fine ground limestone products go into making roofing, animal feed, spread on crops and grass.

Coarse Grit Limestone
Coarse Grit goes into making fertilizer and animal feed.

Fine Grit Limestone
Fine Grit goes into making glass and animal feed.

Limestone Mineral filler
Mineral filler is a fine powder that is ideal for seed coating and animal feed.

“Imperial” Brand White “S” Limestone
This lime of products are calcium carbonate fillers and extenders that have excellent purity, and a brightness range of 88 to 94 across the product line. An ideal filler for a wide range of application including coatings, plastics, caulk, and sealants.

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