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ACG Materials, based in Norman, Oklahoma, mines, mills, processes, and distributes minerals and aggregates including gypsum, anhydrite, limestone, sand, gravel and downstream food, pharmaceutical and plaster products. The company operates out of over 30 locations in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nevada, California, Washington, Florida, British Columbia, and beyond. ACG Materials serves a diverse set of end markets including building products, energy, industrials, infrastructure, agriculture, food and pharmaceuticals. Through the company’s 59 year history, ACG Materials has established itself as a highly regarded supplier of mineral and rock products in the United States and Canada.

Industrial plasters and gypsum cements represent a broad range of formulations for a wide variety of industrial applications. At ACG Materials we use high purity, white gypsum rock to formulate a variety of products including industrial and architectural plasters, anchoring cements, self-leveling cementitious products for the construction industry, statuary and more. We manufacture high quality, consistent base products that when formulated are dynamic in their application. ACG Materials helps bring these plasters to life.

ACG Materials offers a wide variety of specialty milled and ground products that are components of the products all around you that that you use every day. Ground gypsum is found throughout the industrial world, doing everything from a fire retardant flooring to cleaning our teeth. Ground Limestone is a key component in the manufacturing of glass, paint, roofing shingles, paper, iron and many other products.

ACG Materials offers a wide variety of aggregate rock that will suit your needs. Our aggregates come in a variety of sizes and grades, including rip-rap, surge, screened rock and fines, to fit any needs. Most commonly, our aggregate pre-screened rock is used for road building, oilfield locations building and for a variety of engineering projects. Progressive stages of crushing and screening enable us to produce a range of aggregate sizes.