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DynaPlast® SLU

DynaPlast® Base SLU is a gypsum based concentrate designed with flexibility in mind to be modified into high-performing gypsum self-leveling floor underlayments.

The product is not aggregated and is formulated only for set-time and compressive strength. Finished product specifications can be formulated by the customer to meet the variety of demands of its target market. ACG Materials is capable of creating a wide variety of specialty products, just ask.


Consistency (cc/100 grams) 50-56cc
Vicat Set Time (minutes) 45-65
Maximum Setting Expansion (%) 0.10
Wet Density (lbs.ft.3) 104.10
Dry Density (lbs./ft.3) 81.47
Dry Compressive Strength (psi) 4,000

GENERAL MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: When mixing with 50% by weight using fine sand, add 4cc/100 grams of water to the mix. It is not recommended to exceed the 50% upper limit on aggregate addition because excess aggregate can settle out of the slurry.

Products must be mixed with high-shear mixing equipment.

Support Documents

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for DynaPlast® SLU

Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet for DynaPlast® SLU

Product Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

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