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DynaPlast® DS 712 & DynaPlast® DS 712-Buff

DynaPlast® DS 712 & DynaPlast® DS 712-Buff meet ISO 6873 standards for a Type III dental plaster.

Both products are formulated using high-quality, uniform alpha gypsum produced at the Mooreland, OK plaster manufacturing plant.

DynaPlast® is white in color. DynaPlast® DS 712-Buff is pigmented to a yellow or deep buff color.

Product Specifications:

Water/Plaster Ratio: 29 – 30 ml/ 100 grams
Set Time – 7 – 13 minutes
Maximum Expansion (%) – 0.20%
Consistency (mm) – 27 – 33 (Conepentrometer)
1 Hr. Compressive Strength – 3,000 psi min.

Plaster and water are always measured by weight. Using a plaster/water ratio outside the recommended use consistency guidelines will impact the set-time, strength and density of the finished piece.

Sift plaster into water slowly and evenly
Let soak for 2 – 4 minutes. This allows the gypsum crystals to wet-out, displacing trapped air
Mix for 2 – 5 minutes

Support Documents

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the following products

DynaPlast® DS 712 & DynaPlast® DS 712-Buff, Pottery Plaster , Moulding Plaster, Moulding Plaster S/S, Moulding Plaster 15, Moulding Plaster 20, Moulding Plaster 30, Quick-Set Plaster of Paris, Slow-Set Plaster of Paris, Lab Dental Plaster Q/S, and Dental Plaster 1530
Safety Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet for DynaPlast® DS 712 & DynaPlast® DS 712-Buff

Product Data Sheet
Product Data Sheet

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