Customer Testimonial – Forrest Clemensen, Western Gypsum Floors

Why they use AccuCrete® NexGen
“NexGen, just the way it flows. For me, from a mixing stand point, NexGen takes less water, less water is going to be a harder floor. It mixes better and sand doesn’t seem to drop out as much. So as long as my ratios are right, the product works by itself. Yeah – it’s a noticeable difference.”

“When a company that has that innovative spirit or drive, it is just important to us as a company because the construction trade is always changing. They have answers when you’re needing answers to some of the questions that pop up that different superintendents or project managers will have. Just to have that support group, the support team, is great.”

Customer Support
“With the construction business sometimes you’ll get a project that, they want it done yesterday, and so there have been a few times when I’ve had to call in and they’ve always been happy to help and do what they can to make it happen.

“There’s been times when I’ve needed the load right away, and actually sent in the P.O. on my way to pick up the load. And they’ve had it ready, they are more than happy to get us loaded quick and get us back on the road. Now 90% of our material comes on the rail car so just having that option of being able to get over 4 truck loads of product all at once is really important for us right now because of how much product we’re going through.”

AccuQuiet® D-18 Sound Mat
So D-18 is just a lot easier mat to work with. It lays down nicer, its easier to cut, and just ends up with a better end product once the floor is on top of it. And yeah, there’s a lot more stability there. You can tell that its going to hold up and handle the load.

Quality Control
“When I did tour the plant , just to see the testing that they do on every batch it was just reassuring for me that they are always trying to better their product.”

Forrest Clemensen
Western Gypsum Floors
Salt Lake City, UT




About the Author:

Jim Madsen has been in the communications and marketing fields for over 25 years. He is currently the marketing manager for ACG Materials.