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Agronomic Benefits

Works Fast. Lasts Longer.

Cal-CM+ Plus Calcium Sulfate from ACG Materials is a proprietary blend of two forms of Calcium Sulfate: Anhydrite and Dihydrate (gypsum). By combining these two minerals in just the right proportion, you will not only enjoy the benefits sooner, but they will last longer through the growing season and beyond.

Calcium Sulfate

  • Supplies essential calcium for cellular strength and plant vigor.
  • May make 25%-96% more water available to plants depending on the soil type and soil management practices while simultaneously improving drainage through particle flocculation.
  • Reduces excessive runoff and erosion.
  • Fights nutrient tie-up, making many essential nutrients more available.
  • Reduces and retards soil cracking and crusting
  • Improves, amends and reclaims soils high in destructive sodium and magnesium that is present in low quality irrigation water and soil.
  • Helps improve soil structure and decreases compaction, providing optimum air and water availability for plant root growth.
  • Enhances positive bacterial action and discourages plant diseases related to poor soil aeration.
  • Performs as an amendment, conditioner and fertilizer.

Iron (50%)

  • Contains 50% Iron, which promotes deep green color in turf and improved root structure.
  • Essential in maintaining good levels of chlorophyll, which promotes optimum plant growth and reproduction.
  • Contains 21% Calcium, for plant strength and soil conditioning.
  • Improves soil structure, making water more available to plants.
  • Promotes strong plant cell wall structure for better transport and retention of other elements to the plant.
  • Contains 16% Sulfur, an essential plant food for production of protein.
  • Promotes the development and activity of enzymes and vitamins.
  • Helps in chlorophyll formation.
  • Improves root growth and seed production.
  • Helps with vigorous plant growth and resistance to cold.


  • Adjusts low pH levels.
  • Neutralizes acidic soils, improving solubility of many essential plant nutrients influenced by soil pH.
  • Features Rapid-Releases technology. The finely ground, uniform particle size is more rapidly released into the soil, which increases the availability of nutrients.
  • Time of Application
  • Causes a reduction in aluminum, which may be toxic and restrict root and associated top growth. Restricted root growth also reduces drought tolerance.
  • Allows for more efficient use of fertilizer-supplied phosphorus (P). Aluminum, particularly at a low pH, is chemically active and combines with fertilizer phosphorus, causing it to become insoluble.
  • Reduces leaching of potassium. On the soil’s exchange complex there are a limited number of sites that can hold nutrients such as potassium. When these sites are occupied by strongly attached aluminum (low pH), any potassium added in fertilizer is more susceptible to leaching.
  • Supplies calcium, an essential plant nutrient.

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