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AccuLevel® G50

AccuLevel® G50 is a lightweight, free flowing, pumpable underlayment for use in renovation as a low-density self-leveling underlayment.

Special low-shrinkage proprietary formulation technology developed by ACG Materials avoids the addition of sand or other aggregate. The resulting slurry can be poured from 1” to a feather edge without sacrificing surface quality, finishibility, or bond quality to solid substrates. At 90 to 100 lbs. per cu. ft., this product removes weight from the structure while still serving as a high strength, economical leveling compound.

AccuLevel® G50 is an engineered blended cement containing polymer modified portland cement and high strength gypsum cement in a balanced formulation that delivers robust performance under a variety of challenging leveling projects.

AccuLevel® G50 is resistant to abrasion, stands up well to normal trade traffic, and can be opened to light foot traffic within 4 hours and normal trade traffic within 24 hours. This product can be pumped or barrel mixed, and is installed by a network of licenses contractors.

AccuLevel® G50 exhibits very high dimensional stability and does not require shot blasting or surface profiling in most applications, provided that the substrate meets minimum criteria and intended use of the space does not anticipate high dynamic loads.

AccuLevel® brand is a versatile family of engineered cements designed to meet the demands of today’s  challenging and ever changing flooring market.

AccuLevel® G50 leveling cements are ideal for smoothing out-of-level, old or damaged concrete in commercial, institutional or renovation construction and for flattening or leveling poured-in-place or precast concrete planks.

Batch-mixed and pumped in place by licensed AccuLevel® applicators allows Acculevel® brand cements to be an attractive option when compared to traditional leveling products.


  • Is an engineered blended cement containing polymer modified portland cement and high strength gypsum
  • Delivers an aggregate free leveling compound, with a smooth, hard, residue-free surface
  • 6,000 psi compressive strength at 28 days
  • Low Prep: In most cases, shot blasting or profiling is not required. Simply clean the substrate, prime with an approved primer and pour

Support Documents

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for AccuLevel® G50

Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

Submittal Sheet for AccuLevel® G50

Submitttal Sheet
Submitttal Sheet

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AccuLevel is the premiere self-leveling cement on the market today.