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AccuLevel® G40

AccuLevel® brand is a versatile family of engineered cements designed to meet the demands of today’s challenging and ever changing flooring market.

AccuLevel® brand leveling cements are ideal for smoothing out-of-level, old or damaged concrete in commercial, institutional or renovation construction and for flattening or leveling poured-in-place or precast concrete planks.

AccuLevel® G40 is a premium polymer-modified self-leveling underlayment. It delivers a smooth, dense surface that is suitable for an immense array of floor covering options. Special formulation technology reduces the porosity of the surface of the cast underlayment to prevent it from rapidly absorbing moisture from adhesives, thereby eliminating the need of surface sealers in most cases.

Because AccuLevel® G40 is blended with aggregate on site, it offers a substantial cost savings to conventional pre-sanded underlayments. Installed by a network of licensed contractors, AccuLevel® G40 is the best choice for thick or thin floor leveling projects.

Batch-mixed and pumped in place by licensed AccuLevel® applicators allows Acculevel® brand cements to be an attractive option when compared to traditional leveling products.


  • Unique formulation with enhanced performance characteristics to deliver a dense, smooth, high compressive strength substrate suitable for a wide array of floor coverings
  • Self-healing and low porosity formulation enables directly-bonded floor coverings, in many cases without a surface sealer
  • Compressive strengths of 3,500 – 4,500 psi
  • Ideal for deep fills in concrete or smoothing out of level, old or damaged concrete floors UL classified in over 90 designs

Support Documents

Submittal Sheet for AccuLevel® G40

Submitttal Sheet
Submitttal Sheet

Submittal Sheet for AccuLevel® G40 Green

Submitttal Sheet
Submitttal Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for AccuLevel® G40

Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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AccuLevel is the premiere self-leveling cement on the market today.