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AccuCrete® Brand Floor Underlayment Systems

AccuCrete® Brand Floor Underlayment Systems are the most workable, versatile cementitious concrete floor products in the industry. With an infinite range of compressive strengths to fit any project specs up to 4,500 PSI, AccuCrete® has the edge over other floor underlayment systems.

AccuCrete is ideal for all types of wood frame and concrete construction. Applications include; multi-family, commercial, and renovation projects. Approved for 1 and 2-hour UL fire ratings, AccuCrete provides a smooth, dense surface excellent for a variety of floor coverings from carpeting to hardwood. It provides excellent sound dampening between floors and unit for any new construction or renovation. As a fast-setting underlayment,  AccuCrete has a quick application and can be installed before drywall to simplify your project schedule.

AccuCrete® Installation

Quality & Service
AccuCrete® is represented and installed by a national network of licensed contractors. Each AccuCrete installer receives detailed training from our team of professionals to ensure each project is completed to meet our high standards.

The entire family of AccuCrete products is backed by ACG Materials’s expertise of manufacturing, formulation and installation of gypsum floor underlayment systems.

Fire And Sound Resistance
AccuCrete® Brand Floor Underlayment Systems are UL approved for 1 and 2-hour fire resistance ratings over wood frame and pre-cast concrete floor/ceiling assemblies. As a sound system AccuCrete® Brand Floor Underlayment Systems enhance the sound attenuation by stiffening the floor to eliminate squeaky floors and nail pops, sealing the room to reduce potential sound leaks, and reducing sound transmission by its mass.

AccuCrete® Advantage

Strength By Design
AccuCrete® Brand Floor Underlayment Systems are formulated to deliver compressive strengths ranging from 1,400 to 4,500 PSI. At a depth of ¾”, AccuCrete® weights 7.2 lbs per square foot, with a density of approximately 115 lbs per cubic foot, making it perfect for both renovation and new construction.

Cost Efficiency
AccuCrete® is the floor underlayment solution designed specifically for each application, whether new construction or a renovation. With minimal surface preparation and AccuCrete’s® fast-setting characteristics, the product can withstand foot traffic within a few hours and can be returned to light trade traffic within 24 hours.

AccuCrete® Videos

AccuCrete® In Action

This video shows AccuCrete being poured in a multifamily apartment complex near Dallas, Texas.

AccuCrete® – Strength By Design

AccuCrete® Brand Floor Underlayment Systems are the most workable, versatile cementitious concrete floor products in the industry.

Support Documents

Submittal Sheet for AccuCrete®

Submitttal Sheet
Submitttal Sheet

Submittal Sheet for AccuCrete® Green

Submitttal Sheet
Submitttal Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for AccuCrete®

Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

AccuCrete Submittal Forms

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AccuCrete Submittal Form

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Download Submittal

AccuCrete Green

AccuCrete Green Submittal Form

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