About Us

ACG Materials, based in Norman, Oklahoma, mines, mills, processes, and distributes minerals and aggregates including gypsum, anhydrite, limestone, sand, gravel and downstream food, pharmaceutical and plaster products. The company operates out of over 30 locations in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nevada, Washington, British Columbia, and beyond. ACG Materials serves a diverse set of end markets including building products, energy, industrials, infrastructure, agriculture, food and pharmaceuticals. Through the company’s 59 year history, ACG Materials has established itself as a highly regarded supplier of mineral and rock products in the United States and Canada.

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ACG Materials Corporate Office, Norman, Oklahoma


ACG Materials – Art Wilson Co., Carson City, NV

ACG Materials – Bouse Junction, OK Mining Operations & Mooreland, OK Manufacturing Plant

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Floor Underlayment


Industrial Plasters

Soil Amendments

Food and Pharma